ARV Gallery comes from the idea of a collective of artists with a passion for art and contemporary culture and a careful eye on new technologies. The idea of displaying images in virtual galleries by no means intends to be a substitute for the physical and social experience that comes from visiting real art/photographic galleries.

Far from it! 

Instead, we believe that this virtual format will actually help refine the way the user interacts with the artwork, inviting a closer, deeper, look at the image itself.  This visual experience will help demonstrate that the only way to really understand an artist’s vision is by a fully immersing oneself in their world.

"We encourage the viewer to devote their time and attention to the image they are observing"

  • We are not affiliated with any businesses and the project is completely non-profit.

  • We do not sell anything or promote any artist.

  • The artists who agree to take part in this project are independently and carefully selected by the collective.